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Whats New
Jenna Mammina and Rolf Sturm
Water Street Music proudly presents 1 new ensemble with 2 seasoned veterans. The Jenna Mammina/Rolf Sturm duo will be releasing their debut recording "Spark" on the Water Street Music label in early 2015. The recording will be filled with familiar songs from the worlds of pop, folk, and jazz.

“Jenna could sing a page from the phone book and make it sound like her own private piece of the sky."

The two have already begun touring to promote the new recording!

For more information, contact us.

"Balance" Solo Guitar CD by Rolf Sturm

Balance CC Rolf Sturm 4 stat downbeat review
"Sturm's style encompasses elements of classical, American roots music and flamenco...suffused with tremendous energy and movement." - "Six String Magicians" DOWN BEAT MAGAZINE
(Feb. 2011)
Introducing Rolf Sturm's Major Method For Guitar Theory and Improvisation
rolfs major method
“It will have you improvising before you can say Dorian Mode!!”
4 Five VI plays 3 Film Scores by Rolf Sturm
The 4 Five VI ensemble plays brand new scores by guitarist Rolf Sturm for the films of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Felix The Cat. Check out the 4 Five VI website for more info. Buy it now at CD Baby!
Felix The Cat "Trifles With Time" (1925)
Buster Keaton "One Week" (1920)
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